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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FouFou Dog Fall-Winter Collection Available Now

FouFou Dog's new Fall/Winter collection is now available for purchase on our FouFou Dog online store:

Back by popular demand and in a wider range of colors and sizes (going up to 3XL) are our:


One of my personal favourites is FouFou Dog's new Animal PJ that is simply to die for!

And nothing says cute like this Baby Pink Polka Dot Dress:

Finally, who can forget our REVERSIBLE RAINCOATS - highly functional while fashion forward:

Note: some products on our website are not available until September

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PJ's Pet Center launches "Every Pet Deserves A Home" program

For some time now, I've had my mind set on picking up my next pet from a local animal shelter or the Toronto Humane Society where rescued, homeless, lost, or abandoned animals are housed. 

Statistics from the ASPCA website state that approximately 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized (60% of dogs and 70% of cats), in America.

If I can offer an animal a better home or potentially save an animal from euthanization, then I definately want to be a part of that and was ecstatic to hear the recent news about PJ's Pet Center and Pets Unlimited's recent launch of "Every Pet Deserves A Home".

PJ's is a Canadian owned chain of pet stores across Canada, founded in 1969 and is well-known for its quality products in bright, welcoming, and clean environments.  

Their recent announcement of the "Every Pet Deserves A Home" program involves increasing awareness to people visiting PJ's stores about pet adoption agencies within local communities by offering participating organizations space in their stores to hand out pamphlets and information about their efforts and adoption opportunities.

I am so excited to witness the growth and development of this program, which is scheduled to be in full swing by October 1, 2011, and am eager to step foot into PJ's Pet Center to learn more about where I can find the closest animal shelter to me.

With the efforts of PJ's Pet Center and supporting groups across Canada, together we can work to save lives; one animal at a time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Promoting Intrapreneurs Within A Company

When the word intrapreneur first came out of Cheryl’s mouth, I thought she was merely pronouncing the word ‘entrepreneur’ incorrectly. Little did I know that intrapreneur was a word all on its own with the definition of a person behaving or acting like an entrepreneur within a larger organization.

At FouFou Dog, intrapreneurs are made, not born; and when recruiting members to join the FouFou Dog organization, it is pertinent that each individual possess a set of skills to become their own intrapreneur. This is important to the success of FouFou Dog and other companies with similar fast-paced company cultures that break down the standard formal corporate structure which allow for autonomy and freedom for innovation.

Flexible, creative, innovative, self-motivating, risk-taking, organized, able to multi-task and responsible are all character traits that FouFou Dog looks for in recruiting people to join their team.

These character traits are important in order to keep up with the demands of any given role at FouFou Dog as each member of the team wears a number of different hats; which is important in establishing the goal of turning an idea (usually Cheryl’s idea) into a profitable finished product without really being taught how or knowing where to begin.

With the limited staff on hand, every individual at FouFou Dog is expected to take matters into their own hands as there is no time for hand holding or standardized training. When it is unclear as to how to approach a problem, it is encouraged to discuss the issue with the team, ask questions, and at the same time, figure out the most optimal solution that will continue to keep the brain churning. This approach may involve risk taking in addition to mistake-making, but sometimes an intrapreneur needs to take detours to unusual and unexpected opportunities in order to make magic happen. As the saying goes, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, as long as you have the confidence to pick yourself back up and keep going.”

A typical day when Cheryl is in the office involves a new idea that is openly discussed with the team, where a million thoughts are running a mile a minute, and then it's off to develop feasible solutions taking things one step at a time.  Miraculously, this method of madness has created intrapreneurs within the company and has been working for FouFou Dog, but of course, it wouldn’t be possible if not for the skills and creative juices that come from each individual of the FouFou Dog team with their efforts to contribute to the whole.

At the end of the day, credit is shared. As a business that thrives on innovation and initiative, the FouFou Dog team of intraprenuers believes that no one ever succeeds alone. Everyone works together as a team to accomplish all goals and in the end, successes are shared.