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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trade Show Mishaps

FouFou Dog has encountered many "mishaps" over the years from exhibiting at trade shows worldwide.

We've left samples and display items at home and have had to courier them over to the show on overnight service. We've had our entire crate with all of our exhibiting contents arrive late AND not at all to our booth location. We've had our empty boxes damaged and misplaced when packing up our booth. We've had display cases shatter in our hands as we were dismantling the booth. We've had catalogues shipped to us which were damaged in transit and the most recent mishap which took place at last weekend's ExpoZoo show in Quebec involved forgetting to bring the metal stands that we use to display all of our apparel items.

You would think that after 6 years of trade show exhibitions, that we'd be pro's by now... but I guess it goes to show that everybody makes mistakes. Luckily, we HAVE become experts at pulling things together given our circumstances at the last minute.

When Evelyn and I discovered that we had forgotten to ship metal stands to display all of our apparel items, with 2 and a half hours left of set-up to go, we hauled ass to the nearest Dollarama that we saw en route to the convention center. Evelyn and I purchased all of the paper towel holders that they had on their shelves.

We cut up cardboard pieces and taped them to the top of these paper towel holders.

Et Voila!!

If I hadn't told Cheryl about this mishap, she would never even have known.. hehehehe

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