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Friday, February 11, 2011

Keep Your Dog Calm and Relaxed Through Touch

How often do you, as a human, enjoy being on the receiving end of a nice, long, relaxing massage?

Believe it or not, dogs enjoy them too!!  Massages are the best for dogs to keep them calm and relaxed. 

I use massage techniques to my advantage when I try to get my dog, my sister's dog, or my cousin's dog to sit still when I attempt to groom them.  Most dogs, if you haven't started them in grooming when they were puppies, aren't accustomed to the feeling of a comb or brush going through their fur and worse, getting out the knots.  It can be scary and at times, a painful experience for them.

In order for me to get my sister or cousin's dog to relax under the comb, I often massage their backs and rumps with my free hand, while combing their coats with my other hand. 

The dog enjoys the massage and associates the nice, relaxing feeling with the grooming session et voila! you have yourself a fluffy, nicely groomed pooch.

Here's a video of Amie enjoying her neck rub..

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  1. My dog loves to get a massage, too. I usually scratch his back until he flips over with belly up. He is happier after the “massage” and I have to admit I love seeing him like this.