Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FouFou Dog @ Zoomark 2011 International Trade Show (Bologna, Italy)

Cheryl & Ann have just returned from their one week trip to Italy for the Bi-Annual International Pet Trade Show, known as "Zoomark".  This prestigious show welcomes visitors across Europe and takes place once every two years in the Bologna Exhibition Center.

This was their first time visiting Italy where they got to dine, drink, and party like true Italians.

In addition, this dynamic duo had the chance to meet FouFou Dog's Italian distributors for the first time.  Below is an image of Roberto holding up our Piggy PJ (available Fall 2011)

However, the events leading up to this show were not as seamless as they may seem.  Taking a red-eye flight to Frankfurt, Germany, the girls had a scheduled one hour stop-over.  However, they encountered a delay in their arrival which caused them to miss their connecting flight to Italy.  This resulted in their late arrival to the Exhibition Center.  Upon landing, Cheryl and Ann had to rush to their booth to take advantage of the time they had left to set up the day before the show started.

Luckily the trade show items that were shipped one month in advance by boat were ready and waiting for their arrival, however, the administration box which contains tools and other equipment required to get the booth set up was missing! Cheryl and Ann were forced to scramble at the last minute asking fellow exhibitors if they could borrow scissors, tape, hammers, and whatever else they could find to get the booth set up.

Five hours later, jet lagged, hungry, and exhausted, the FouFou Dog booth looked flawless.

The trade show lasted 4 long days and the FouFou Dog booth was one of the busiest booths in the Exhibition.  With the help of our Italian distributors, FouFou Dog was able to gather many new contacts and sell most of the goods that they had shipped over.

All in all, the show was a huge success and FouFou Dog can't wait to visit Italy again for Zoomark 2013!!!

Cheryl and Ann returned home with huge smiles on their faces, new friends, business contacts, memories to last a lifetime and a bag full of Italian cookies for the FouFou Dog Team!!! YUMMY!!!

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