Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ernie's Surgery Day

Cheryl has just picked up a groggy and drugged up Ernie from the vet after he received surgery this morning to remove the cataracts in his left eye.

Cheryl reports that Ernie is doing well.  While he was very happy to see her, he was a little dazed from coming off of the anesthesia. 

Ernie must wear the protective "cone" around his head for the next two weeks to prevent him from scratching at his eye during his recovery period and also to avoid accidental injury to the eye while healing.

The Dr. has given Cheryl 4 different eye drops to be administered for the next few months: 3-4 times daily, waiting 5 min between drops.

There are also 2 types of oral medication plus pain killers to allow him lots of rest.

The Dr. has instructed that Ernie stay home and try to remain inactive for the next little while to limit his exposure to people and other forms of excitement so that he does not strain or over exert his eye.

The surgery was not a mild procedure and is not something to be taken lightly.  While it is one of the most common surgery's performed on dogs, with a success rate of about 85-90%, it was still an intrusive one that involves a small incision to remove the lens fibers (damaged by cataracts).  This is done using a small pen-like instrument that produces ultrasonic vibrations to break up and simultaneously vaccuum out the lens material.

After the lens fibers are removed, a lens implant is inserted into the lens capsule which significantly improves near vision.  The cornea is then closed with tiny sutures that absorb over the next 4 weeks.

Below is a video of a cataracts surgery performed on a canine eye that I found on YouTube.

We are wishing Ernie a quick and painless recovery.  We will definately keep a close eye on him for any changes or complications in his healing process.

Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes, continued love and support.

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  1. Awww, Good luck in a Quick Recovery Ernie
    Big wet sloppy kisses 2 U :@)