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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poochy Pouches

Pampered puppies were made for the new FouFou Dog Poochy Pouches!!

You might feel like a kangaroo, but who cares.. look how cute Gaga, the Shih-Tzu puppy, looks as she sits safely and comfortably in FouFou Dog's new Poochy Pouch!

Available in two sizes, small and medium, to support your pampered pup weighing up to 16 lbs, its adjustable criss-cross straps reduce the pressure from the weight of your pooch to prevent back strain while allowing hands-free access to go about your day with your pooch by your side, or rather, by your belly.

The coolest feature of this poochy pouch is the fact that it zips up into a small, transportable waist pouch when you're not using it.

This next best thing is available June 2010 in White, Grey, and Black and can be purchased directly from FouFou Dog's new online store at

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