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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Testing Teddy's Pride - Oral Care

Does your dog suffer from bad breath, not just in the mornings... but all day long? So does mine...

I've been told that small breed dogs, like my Maltese, are prone to have bad teeth and more likely to have more tartar / plaque build up leading to tooth decay and gum disease, which can ultimately enter the dog's blood stream through their gums and affect other parts of the body. Scary stuff huh?

It's hard not to notice Amie's bad breath when I hold her close for a hug, or when she licks my nose with kisses. What's worse is when people around me are noticing it and commenting about it too.

I've known she had an oral hygiene problem from a young age and have attempted to use all the remedies on the market that I could find including brushing her teeth manually, but found this difficult due to the size of her tiny mouth. I'll admit, I have looked for quick fix solutions to clean Amie's teeth, and resorted to sprays and gels such as "PetzLife Oral Care Spray", a menthol spray that I used to spray directly on her teeth and "Oxyfresh Pet Gel" which my vet recommended, which is a gel-like substance that I would rub directly on her gums.

Of course, her teeth seemed only to get progressively worse with age.

Finally, my sister handed me a bottle of "Teddy's Pride - Oral Care", she said it was a powder that I was to sprinkle on Amie's food once a day and to give it a try. Now, my first thought was that I didn't feel comfortable sprinkling just anything on Amie's food. So of course, I did my research on this product to make sure it was safe for her to consume and sure enough, everything I am reading about this product seems to have nothing but beneficial effects.

At the end of the day, what I learned is that this product uses the science of Probiotics, or good bacteria, to help combat the bad bacteria in the mouth. I'm sure most of us have already heard of Probiotics as it is commonly marketed in many food products such as yogurt to maintain healthy digestion in our stomachs.

The active ingredient in "Teddy's Pride - Oral Care" is ProBiora3™, a custom blend of 3 good bacterias to help support gum and tooth health.

Click on this link to learn more about ProBiora3™:

I have been sprinkling "Teddy's Pride - Oral Care" on Amie's food once a day for the past 2 weeks and have found that her breath is becoming more and more tolerable. While she has noticed that her breakfast looks a little different in the mornings, I don't think she is bothered by the additional white stuff, as the powder is odourless and tasteless.

I plan to continue to use "Teddy's Pride - Oral Care" and will continue to monitor any changes in her mouth and to her general health. For the time being, I am happy and satisfied with this product and would recommend it to my fellow pet owners who are looking for a healthy, safe, and effective remedy to their stinky pet's breath.

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