Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FouFou Dog Spring/Summer 2010 Catalogue

The highly anticipated, widely sought after, FouFou Dog Spring/Summer 2010 Catalogue has finally gone to print and is ready to fall into the hands of every pet retailer, and multi-unit store owner worldwide.

As the back-end, finance and logistics officer, I really have no creative juices whatsoever, and will admit that I had absolutely no hand in preparing this 12 page, colourful, glossy catalogue with back to back products. And for me, getting a glimpse of this FouFou Dog seasonal catalogue is about as exciting as opening a gift on Christmas Day.

The new, innovative, fresh, and exciting products that Cheryl and Lillian continue to come out with season after season; from nappy mats to poochy pouches and even dog picture frames, is proving to be endless. What will they think of next?

If you can't wait for yours to be picked up at the next trade show in Orlando, FL, simply visit to view and download this most up to date catalogue directly from our website.

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