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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Park It Forward

Cheryl and I went to the National Home Show yesterday and of course, we had to find parking at the huge lot across from the big glass building and as usual, purchase a parking ticket from one of those machines for $12.

Cheryl NEVER ceases to amaze me with her "street skills", as we were driving around looking for a parking spot, she tells me to pull over behind a car that looks like it's ready to leave. She tells me she's going to offer them $5 to buy their parking ticket off them. I'm thinking to myself... no way... she hops out of my car and knocks on the driver side window.

"Excuse me? Are you guys leaving?"
"Yes... "
"Do you want to make some money back on your parking ticket?"
She pulls out her $5.00 bill.
"OH! What a great idea! We have never thought of that..."

... yeah.. neither have a lot of people...

"Park It Forward" next time. Do it.

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