Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Booties Becoming Necessary

Toronto was hit with 5-10 cm of snow last night and although this doesn't sound like very much, it can be mountainous to my little 7 lb Maltese, Amie.

I took her to work this morning and walked her across the parking lot so that she can do her business.

On the way back to the office, about 2 feet into the walk, she started squealing and whimpering. I didn't know what was wrong until I picked her up and carried her back in my arms as she continued to whimper.

I came to realize that she was whimpering because some snow had been packed into the crevices of her paws and it must have been painfully cold.

Shortly after, I fitted her for a new pair of FouFou Dog Booties to wear the next time it snows (which will likely be this weekend)

Below is a video of Amie trying on her booties for the first time.

Not only will booties protect her paws from the icy, cold snow.  They will also protect her paws from the mounds of salt that is sprinkled over sidewalks and driveways during the winter season. 

Booties will also prevent my white haired dog from getting dirty on those wet, rainy occassions.

Finally, booties will come in handy in protecting those precious paws from hot ashphalt in the summer so that we can go for even longer walks :)

Kobe (shown below), Evelyn's Morkie, is another fan of the FouFou Dog Booties.  He gets excited when he puts them on because that means he gets to jump around in the snow for an extended period of time...oh boy!!

Kobe wearing FouFou Aspen Booties & FouFou Sweater Coat

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