Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Put On A FouFou Dog Hairbow

I've had many compliments on the FouFou Dog Hairbows that I use to keep the bangs out of Amie's face and eyes. Many people admire the cute bow in her hair, she is never mistaken to be a boy, and the hairbows adorn any look for every occassion.

Amie with a Pink FouFou Dog Hairbow

I've tried many different types of hair accessories; from rubber bands to clips to claw barrettes. Although the rubber bands did the best job in keeping the hair back, I found the rubber bands to be painful for my dog and difficult to remove. The clips and barrettes did not stay very well in my dogs hair because she has such fine, soft hair that they would eventually slip out or be left hanging to the side.

When FouFou Dog introduced the Alligator Clip Hairbow, I gave them a try and have not used anything else ever since.

These hairbows are light weight and SO easy to put on. They also stay very well in her hair and do a great job at keeping her hair out of her eyes. In addition, they are SO pretty!!

Amie with a Pink FouFou Dog Hairbow

The FouFou Dog Hairbows come in a wide variety of colors and prints. From Satin fabric to velvet, checkered print to polka dot, these hairbows are ideal for every season and any occassion.

FouFou Dog Crystal Hairbow

Below is a video clip of how easy it is to put on a FouFou Dog Hairbow.
It literally takes 5 seconds. Take a look :)

Boy dogs can wear hairbows too!!!


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  1. You really have a good and behaved dog. Unlike my Zara, I can't put a hair clip on her hair. She's just so playful she'd even eat the clips. Maybe I'll try this alligator clips for her.