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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Successful Business Starts With a Strong Team

FouFou Dog Office
A strong business starts from the ground up.  In the literal sense, the foundation of the business consists of concrete slab and steel pillars or "bricks and mortar".  Of course, the strong support of a business in the physical sense is what will uphold and keep the business itself standing.  However, it's what goes on inside the building that will make the business flourish, grow, and succeed.

In my opinion, the internal bearings of a business are just as important, if not, more important than the physical.  Internal, abstract, and emotional involvement from the team as a whole is what the strength of a growing company resides on; from employee to employer and co-worker to colleague. 

At FouFou Dog, our goal is to maintain a laid-back company culture with an open-door policy.  We encourage members of the team to voice their opinions and to be open, upfront, and honest with us.

Staff Digging Through Junk Food
FouFou Dog attempts to maintain a fully stocked kitchen of snacks (to keep sugar levels up), healthy munchies (at the request of Ann our Marketing Director), and breakfast foods so that everyone can start their day off on full bellies. 

With 10 employees at the office now, we do try to have lunch together daily (even though we've outgrown our kitchen table) to gossip about the latest news, company projects, and our personal lives.  It's always a hoot when 9 girls get together plus 1 boy... poor Matt (Customer Relations Manager) is currently the sole male in the office amongst a sea of girls, but I think he enjoys hearing our girl-talk at times. 

But all jokes aside, the relationships and dynamics of this company mimic one big, happy family; with little dogs running around.  When one of us is feeling under the weather or happens to be out of the office for any personal reason, the whole team is aware that someone is missing and the office just doesn't feel the same without that one individual.  The support from one another is a good feeling to have, to know that you can count on your colleagues and turn to them when you're feeling down. 

Feeling the love at the office is important to FouFou Dog.  Our hope is that each and every person will wake up in the morning excited to start their day and look forward to stepping foot into a fun working environment.  It is a known fact that happy employees are more productive.  Go Team Go!!

A Few FouFou Dog Staff Members


  1. Congrats on a successful biz! :)

  2. Yea the key is a steady diet of candy and instant noodles. Great article Jenn!

  3. It's true that a strong team is required for a successful business. I also like the idea of having the open door policy, since it has its own benefits like helping each other through odd times. But in order to make a strong team, the leader must be always strong and the team members should always support their leader.