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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FouFou Dog Brings Their Pets To Work

It is part of FouFou Dog's company culture to maintain a working from home office environment amongst family and friends, even though you are not really at home.  The decor in this workplace welcomes a warm ambience with chocolate brown laminate flooring, a communal kitchen area where the team meets daily for lunch with demask themed mirrors and other "at-home" fixtures.

An added priviledge to working at FouFou Dog's head office is the ability to bring your pets to work with you.  A recent poll showed that 49 percent of all participants who owned dogs said they would change jobs if they were allowed to bring them to work, while 32 percent were willing to take a five percent cut in pay.

Studies have also shown that pet ownership can reduce stress.  Whether you're having a bad day, everything seems to be going wrong, or you've just gotten into a fight with a loved one; just one look at your furry friend's face as they stare back at you with insurmountable admiration or seeing them wave their tail excitedly in your presence is enough to relieve any type of stress, even if it's just for that moment in time.

Not only do the pets in the office alleviate stress when having a bad day, they also allow for comic relief when taking breaks from work.  Below is an image of our pets: Ernie, Amie, and Kobe wearing FouFou Dog hair bows.  A few of us thought it would be funny to put blue hair bows in the boy dogs in order to get a rise out of their owners when they saw their male pets with bows in their hair.

From L to R: Ernie, Amie, Kobe

Matt, our Customer Relations Manager, bonds on a daily basis with Ernie.  You can often find them hanging out together, especially when Matt is sitting comfortably at his desk during the day.

The Boys: Matt & Ernie

Not only do the human and dogs interact, the dogs find companionship in one another during the long workday as well.  Below is an image of Ernie and Amie sleeping together in a FouFou Dog Doughnut Bed in Lillian's office.
Ernie & Amie

Is it wrong of us to put our dogs to work as well? hehehe

Bailey & Ernie


  1. Great article Jenn! I didn't notice the blue hair bows in Ernie and Kobe lol. Good Work!

  2. I am allowed to bring my dog to work twice a month. I wish it was every day! You look like you have such a great work environment. I always have such a good day when I bring Bailey in.

  3. Hi Ashley!!

    We have a dog named Bailey that works with us at the office too!! I will add him to this blog... :)