Thursday, March 25, 2010

FouFou Dog @ Global Pet Expo 2010


Every year, FouFou Dog attends about 8 of the most popular pet trade shows in the industry throughout USA and Canada. Attending these trade shows is important because it's one of the main ways that we get our name out to potential clients who can get an idea of who we are, to see our entire collection, to touch and feel the products themselves, and to meet the faces behind FouFou Dog. Another great reason is to meet up with our current clients to show them what new and exciting ideas we have come out with for the upcoming season.

We also bombard each trade show with our FouFou Dog bags which are perfect for retailers walking the show who have to carry all the catalogues they pick up. In addition, these non-woven bags conveniently double as a walking advertisement. By the end of every day, people will usually have seen someone carrying our bag at least once and ask themselves, "hmmm.. what's FouFou Dog?" Or, they'll track down our booth to get one of these handy, while trendy bags for themselves. Trust me, these bags are awesome for grocery shopping.

We have come a long way from the first of our trade show days which included:

1) Driving to all of our trade shows, even if it meant making 8 hour trips to Chicago, New York City, Atlantic City, or Quebec City;
2) Purchasing economical display units from IKEA;
3) Carrying all of our samples in the trunk of our car as well as the back seat, where Cheryl sat uncomfortably for those long road trips.

Now that I look back at what we used to do to attend one of these trade shows, I shake my head and chuckle at the extent we would go through to save a couple bucks.

But hey, every penny counts, and now we can afford to:

1) Travel by plane to all of our trade shows;
2) Design a customized booth to display our products perfectly, which can then be easily torn down and rebuilt to travel from show to show;
3) Have all of our samples shipped to each show and stored until the next.

Here is a picture of what a set-up day looks like for the FouFou Dog Team. Vivien is in the front putting what looks like S-Hooks into one of our banners to hang up as signage and Lillian is at the back setting up our collection of accessories.

And here is a picture of the finished product. Looks GREAT! Good job ladies!!

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