Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nominated for...

For the first time ever, FouFou Dog has been nominated for a Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Award, in which the event is an award ceremony, Oscar-style, speech preparing, "black-tie" affair, where Premier Dalton McGuinty will also be in attendance. OOOhhhhh....

With all the excitement of the new office in the air, we haven't really had the chance to sit down and think about this upcoming award ceremony and what's to come if we are in fact winners of an award.

To be perfectly honest, I've actually been more concerned about what I'm going to wear.. "black-tie" affair has got me wondering if women will be showing up tomorrow wearing prom-like dresses and evening gowns.

In the meantime, poor Cheryl has been advised to prepare a speech in advance just in case we do win an award and she has been stressing out about what to say.

I'd be more than happy to help her out with her speech, but for some reason Cheryl has opted not to discuss it with any of us and has decided to prepare it all on her own.

Knowing Cheryl, she probably has something creative, interesting and witty planned. Usually when she gives a presentation, she tries to do something different or special in order to make a stage presence, to capture the audience and to make her 5 minutes of fame - unforgettable. I hope we win tomorrow, cause I am really looking forward to finding out what she has got up her sleeve... and whatever it is, it better include the words, "I'd like to thank Jenn...." lol

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