Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Travelling Monkey

It is the most wonderful feeling to hear about FouFou Dog fans loving our collection, telling their friends about it, getting the name out there, and asking us where they can buy it. It puts a huge smile on my face to know that FouFou Dog is somehow, somewhere making an impact, one dog at a time.

Imagine my astonishment when we discovered a photo gallery on Flickr one day consisting of 77 photos of what we call, "The Travelling Monkey", a collection of photos of a FouFou Dog Furry Friend toy, the monkey, to be specific, travelling the world.

It's one thing to know that a customer picked up the Furry Friend Monkey toy and loved it enough to carry it with them around the world, it's another thing to see that they actually took pictures of Mr. Monkey posing in front of a monument from every location that they visited!

If anybody knows who this person is or knows of anyone else who has done something similar to this, please let us know. We would love to see more things like this and of course, we'd love to get to know the face behind the Travelling Monkey :)

Click on the title of this blog, "The Travelling Monkey" to be taken directly to the Flickr site to see these fascinating photos of Mr. Monkey...I wonder where he is now...

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