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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FouFou Dog to be featured in an upcoming issue of SNAP Newspaper

Nic from SNAP Newspaper, a local paper in Richmond Hill, dropped by the office yesterday to take a couple shots of Cheryl, myself, and the team to be featured in an upcoming issue. He spotted us (actually, it was probably the giant size poster of Ernie that caught his attention) at the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Business Achievmeent Award ceremony. He wanted a fun shoot that involved Ernie posing next to his own photo which was an effort in itself because Ernie was being so fussy and clearly didn't want to be next to his own larger than life self portrait. I guess we will wait for the issue to go to print before we can see how the shots turned out.

April 9, 2010 - The Article :)

Click on the above Title of this blog to see more photos taken from this shoot.

Video of our struggles with Ernie to get him to pose next to his own photo:

Below is a video of what it's like to get a good shot when dogs are involved in the shoot.

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