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Monday, March 22, 2010

FouFou Sidekicks II

When FouFou Dog first hit the scene, our booties were once thought to be a fad or trend for the experimental dog lovers who were all about making a fashion statement with their furry friends.

Six years later, this once comical item, otherwise thought of as merely a conversation piece, has now been accepted as a functional, must-have product and has become a staple line from FouFou Dog's collection. In fact, FouFou Dog comes out with two designs of their bootie: one with a fur trim lining for the cold wintery months designed to protect their pooches feet from ice, snow, and salt and one for the hot summer months also designed to protect those sensitive paws from scorching ashphalt while warranting comfort as well as style for those long outdoor walks.

FouFou Dog came out with the "FouFou Sidekick" bootie, as shown in the video below about 2 seasons ago. This item was such a huge hit that FouFou Dog has brought the Sidekick bootie back by popular demand in a new and improved version with sturdier zippers and an updated design; the "FouFou Sidekick II"

Click on the video below to watch as Amie takes her first steps in the FouFou Sidekick booties. Pick up a set of your own today at a retailer near you... if not to protect those gentle paws or to make that head-turning fashion statement, do it for the sheer joy of watching your pooch attempt to walk for the first time ever in these fabulous booties.

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