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Monday, March 1, 2010

Move-In Day

Enjoying a glass of wine while sitting at my desk.. it doesn't get any better than this.. ;)

But it was well deserved. It's close to 11 pm and we just finished putting together the IKEA furniture which actually wasn't as user-friendly as usual.

The new office is amazing though, Cheryl of course, had her hand in adding a personal touch to it all.. dark chocolate hard wood flooring, demasque-themed walls, tempered glass office desks, white leather love seats.. it's as if I've stepped foot into a show home. Makes me feel as though I never left my house, might as well keep a sofa bed in the foyer, so I can just crash when I've finished writing this blog right?

The irony to it all is that I have no idea how I'm going to actually do work out of this office, even though it's 15 km away from home, while working from home seemed more like a workplace to me.

...I'll get used to it.

Long story short, the office is now up and running. Please feel free to check back sporadically for the date of our Grand Opening.. details to follow soon :)

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